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Stronghold (Blue) Spot on For Cats 5-15 lbs (2.6-7.5 kg) 

Treats Fleas and Worms for Cats

Stronghold Popular Brand in the UK and also popularly known by the Brand name Revolution in US & Australia is used for;

  • Treatment and prevention of Flea infestations
  • Kills adult fleas, eggs and larvae
  • Use as part of a treatment strategy for flea allergy dermatitis
  • may aid in the control of existing environmental flea infestations in areas to which the animal has access
  • treatment of adult roundworms
  • Prevention of heartworm disease
  • Treatment of ear mites 
  • Treatment of biting lice 
  • Treatment of adult intestinal hookworms

Treats Fleas and Worms for Cats

Contains: 45mg selamectin

Pack Contents:

3 Pack - 3 Pipettes of 0.75 ml each

6 Pack - 6 Pipettes of 0.75 ml each


If you want to ensure your cat doesn't have fleas or worms then this is the most popular product on the market for your Cat.