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Advantage Orange For Cats, kittens and rabbits (4 Pack) Cats Flea & Tick Prevention Products

 Advantage flea adulticide

controls fleas on cats, kittens and rabbits.

  • Kills fleas on cats and rabbits
  • Will continue to protect the animal from re-infestation
  • Kills fleas before they can lay eggs
  • Larval flea stages are killed in the surroundings of advantage treated pets

Dog Size : Up to 8.8 lbs

Method of Administration : Topical. Part the hair on the back of the neck at the base of the cat’s skull until the skin is visible.  Place the tip of the tube on the skin and squeeze out the contents thoroughly to apply the solution directly onto the skin.

Expiry Date : 04/2021

    Advantage is a registered trademark of Bayer A.G. Leverkusen, Germany.